We work directly with leaders and operators around the world


Leveraging GNST Capital scale, expertise and network to help strengthen and grow our portfolio companies.

We work directly with leaders and operators around the world to help make our companies stronger and more sustainable for the long term.

We identify ways to improve the companies in which we invest going company by company, situation by situation, focusing on optimizing their businesses.

We ensure operational and commercial synergies among portfolio companies, as well as effective communication and deployment of GNST Capital resources.

Uncovering and delivering step change improvement in earnings through rigorous root cause analysis, operational and transactional process improvement, and disciplined program management of large scale transformation initiatives.

Optimizing IT roadmap and business transformation strategies that align to long-term business objectives.

Providing access to global tools, buying power and a network of professionals to enhance the procurement process and drive better pricing, terms and customer service with suppliers.

Delivering more efficient operations and a competitive advantage for management teams through data science and machine learning.

Driving energy efficiency, utility cost savings, emissions reduction, and improved mechanical system reliability via improved operations and maintenance.

Capabilities and Expertise


Companies Supported


Team Members and Senior Advisors


Value Creation From Operational Improvements

What we do

Leadership & Governance

Great leadership teams are critical for success. GNST Capital's operating partners and network of operating executives work directly with CEOs and their senior teams to improve operating performance, strategy and governance.

Functional Expertise

Portfolio companies can leverage functional experts from GNST Capital portfolio operations team in areas such as: leadership and talent, procurement, healthcare, operations and maintenance, lean transformation, data science, and enterprise technology.

Scale & Network

GNST Capital portfolio spans 140+ companies with nearly three thousand employees. We leverage this scale to provide commercial benefits and facilitate practice sharing across companies.


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