We invest in Core+ and Core infrastructure assets principally in the United Kingdom. Our goal is to leverage GNST Capital scale and value-add mindset to drive value creation and economic growth.


“Infrastructure is one of GNST Capital's most active investment areas. We have a long history of investing in projects that improve quality of life for local communities.”

We are an active investor across all infrastructure sectors, including energy, water and waste, transportation and communications.

Long-Term Investors
We seek to apply a long-term buy-and-hold strategy to large-scale infrastructure assets with a focus on delivering stable, long-term capital appreciation together with a predictable annual cash flow yield.

Value-Add Mindset
We seek to drive value enhancement through a disciplined, operationally focused mindset, greater accountability and transparency, and direct engagement throughout the diligence and asset management process.

Responsible Investing
We focus on responsible stewardship and stakeholder engagement to create value not just for our investors but also for the communities we serve.